LABCOM group is responsible for the LHD data acquisition and archiving system called the LABCOM System. Here, we provide various kinds of data related support for the LHD staffs and collaborators in data acquisitions and managements, and also in remote participation for the experiment. For more information, click the links for what you'd like to see or do.
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LABCOM/X Original Products e-Shop

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2012.11.19 Connector Conversion BOX for PXI-6143 New released
2012.4.10 price modified
2006.8.24 price modified
2006.8.18 Shop open

Following LABCOM/X original products are available for purchase for NIFS as well as users who are involved in collaborative research.

  1. Connector Conversion BOX for PXI modules
  2. Diagnostic Digital Timing Demodulator Box

The product prices are just the sum totals of the parts internally used, which never includes any software development fees, licensing or margins. Therefore, they might be changed depending on the purchase prices of the parts at that time.

In the same way as NIFS central components room (Chuo Buhin-shitsu), it has become possible to pay these expenses through budget transfer from financial codes other than the regular operating budget (Un-eihi Koufukin) since November 2012. Please note that some bilateral collaboration budgets, however, cannot be used by this transfer because they belong to each University, not NIFS.

1.Connector Conversion BOX for PXI modules

The product is a data collection hardware S-series (simultaneous sampling DAQ) PXI-6115, PXI-6113 and also a front panel mounting terminal block for PXI-6143 made in compliance with the NI PXI specification. Please consider that the product is one that SNB connectors of the terminal block TB-2708/TB-2709 by NI are switched to LEMO connectors.

4ch model (for PXI-6115)
- Analogue input : 4
- Trigger input : 1
- Clock input : 1

8ch model (for PXI-6133)
- Analogue input : 8
- Trigger input : 1
- Clock input : 1

8ch model (for PXI-6143)
- Analogue input : 8
- Trigger input : 1
- Clock input : 1

Back side

Good for a daisy chain of the upper/lower connector for triggering and clocking!
90° T-shaped p-R-R
@7,914 yen (price modified)
Order from HERE
@11,442 yen (price modified)
Order from HERE
@11,100 yen (New released)
Order from HERE
Central Components Office
(@2,820 yen)

 Example of actual usagesWhen the product is connected to the module


2.Diagnostic Digital Timing Demodulator Box

The existing VME/CAMAC diagnostic timing system demodulator with the LHD diagnostic standard was conducted a re-porting and newly upgraded to a single box version.

Basic Specifications
8735VME Demodulator Conversion
・Trigger output : 6ch
・Clock output : 6ch
・Clock gate : 6ch (independent)
・Optical link : FCR-100M by
 Nanaboshi Electric Mfg.Co,Ltd.
・10/100BASE-T(X) : 1
・size : 240W*40H*180D (mm)
・power : AC adapter 6V
@94,364 yen (price modified)
Order from HERE

 Front panelBack sideInterior detail

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